Stephen Burse headshot

Stephen Burse

SVP, Chief Credit Officer

Mr. Burse is a senior banker with 25+ years of experience. He has held numerous senior risk management positions for various institutions. Prior to cofounding MetLife’s warehouse business (sold to EverBank in 2012 and TIAA in 2017), Mr. Burse was employed as an SVP, Credit Director at Sovereign Bank/Santander, where he was a voting member of the Bank’s Central Credit Committee (responsible for the credit approval of all credits >$10M). Prior to this role, Mr. Burse worked within Sovereign Bank’s Capital Markets Group, where he helped build a $3.5B mortgage finance platform. Prior to that, Mr. Burse was employed as a VP within Fleet Bank’s Financial Institutions Group where he assisted in the growth of that bank’s mortgage warehouse business and was also responsible for managing the Bank’s leveraged insurance portfolio (approximately $300M in commitments). Mr. Burse holds a BS in Business Administration from UMASS/Lowell and an MBA from Boston College.